Those who experienced the TSUNAMI and those who saw the destruction, even over the TV, would never like a similar thing to happen. The source which arose from the bottom of the ocean, created water wall of over 30’, destroying all that came in its way. A TSUNAMI cannot be controlled however, today TSUNAMI detectors have been fixed to see the people are evacuated and saved.

The self inflicted TSUNAMI in our life is PROCRASTINATION!  When we push things to tomorrow, it destroys people, their dreams, their aspirations and whatever be their goals. It also arises from within and the culprit is the comfort zone. We can sense it but many do not do anything about it. And those who don’t pay a heavy price.

Premier car companies in INDIA, to whom we had to pay years in advance for a car, have closed down as they were complacent. Bajaj rose up to the changing trend and sacrificed its scooter, keeping emotions at bay, to keep alive.

Being in the comfort zone is always dangerous. Soft comfortable beds give rise to back aches and pampered children have a problem even to cross a road. Accept realities and be prepared to pay the price of success. Life is like a GAME OF CHESS, one has to be in Constant Thinking mode of the next move. You relax and you get run over by TSUNAMI’s of life.

Work on your self confidence, self image and self esteem to keep PROCRASTINATION at bay!

Just think about what you could accomplish and how much better you would feel.

Feelings of guilt, anxiety,  fear and powerlessness result into PROCRASTINATION.

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