GGG – Going Good to Great

GGG – Going Good to Great

GGG – Going Good to Great – WhalerWatt – Blog

When one hits the ball with the bat, it is known as batting. If people just want to bat, they have to pay for their bat and the game. However, those who do good batting are paid to play. Better than that are those who do great batting they get paid in the name of advertisements and brand promotion.

Learn it achievers like TENDULKAR, He is respected for his high scores & various centuries however, it has not come overnight. He has taken nearly two decades to reach this position. He did not sit sulking over the zeros and failures. He concentrated on his achievements to go ahead. As a Good CEO of a brand/company called “TENDULKAR” he knew that complaining would not change things. He studied the reasons for his failures and found ways to circumvent them.

Focusing on what is good for him and working on these requirements, he was able to reach this enviable position. He adjusted and mastered his actions towards success rather than adjust his goals and retire by reaching to the comments, when he was not doing well.

Tendulkar never bothered about his short height but did bother about his failures and worked towards rectifying them. He concentrated on the possibilities and those things which could be improved rather than those which could be. He is truly a master.

A Professional who knows the skills required and the tricks of the trade.


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