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If anybody physically attacks you would you be able to DEFEND ?

Its a question most of us don’t bother !! but hostility is unfortunately a fact of “LIFE”.

Here’s a simple step on HOW ? to prepare and stay safe in real world violent-situation.

The most effective Body parts to hit ???

When you are in an argument you have a very few seconds and few moves to try before “fight” may be decided. Before an attacker has gained a full control of you, you must do every thing you can conserve as much energy as possible to inflict injury so you can get away. This is no time to be civil. In a physical confrontation that calls  for Self-Defense, “it’s hurt or be hurt”. 

So you have to aim the parts of the body where you can do the most damage easily:

The eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs.

Eyes : Poking or Scratching the attacker’s eyes with your fingers or knuckles would be very effective as you can imagine. While having a lot of pain this will escape you temporarily interfering with attackers vision.

Neck : The side of the neck is one of the “biggest target”
You could possibly temporarily stun your attacker with a knife hand strike (all fingers held straight and tightly together, with thumb tucked and slightly bent at the knuckle) at the side of the neck.

Nose : If the attacker is close to you, use your palm to strike up under the attacker’s nose. Dash the whole body weight into the move to cause the most pain and force him to loose his grip on you.

Knee : The Knee is an ideal self defense “Target”, its from every angle and easily kicked without risk of your foot being grabbed. Kicking the front of knee may cause more injury but is less likely to result imbalance.

Use everyday objects: Everyday objects you carry around with you or things in your environment can also be used to your advantage as weapons.

Hold a key or pen between your middle and ring finger while you’re walking home in the dark for more assurance. Outdoors, you can toss some dirt or sand into your attacker’s eyes. Women are often told to spray perfume or hairspray into an assailant’s eyes. The point is, use what ever you can to make your defense stronger .

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